Learning Objectives

As per the requirements of a Co-Op work term, I must set learning objectives for myself:

  • Gain a working knowledge of C++. I will make changes to Stepmania's code, and be able to write the same level of code I can write in the languages I'm alrready proficient in. An example would be Euclidean algorithm; I wrote it in Java after adapting it from psuedocode.
  • Learn proper version control; Rob Kelly, one of the original group members, set up version control (SVN) on his server for us to use. I will use the man pages and online resources to learn the syntax. Any changes I attempt to make to the Stepmania source can be backed up by SVN. If something goes wrong, he can use the Blame feature on me ;)
  • Learn the inner workings of a DDR pad, and learn how to build one. I'll post a detailed webpage on the construction of one by the end of the work term. Videos would be ideal but Landon and I already learned our own method from existing videos; making our own would be redundant (and difficult since we don't have a camcorder). I'll be able to explain the construction to my friend who wants to build his own pad.
  • Maintain good contact and leadership within the old group by continuing to send emails by the week, relegating duties and reminding them I'm not crazy.
  • Each day that I'm working, I'll maintain a webpage describing my exploits for the day and keep it looking nice. I'll keep a consistent style with CSS (shhhh, don't try to View Source just yet, this will be fixed by June 20th), use relative linking and keep organized folders for separate files. I'll also ask the server's owner for SSH access so I can maintain it more easily, instead of frequently uploading files via FTP. I'll ask my supervisor and graphics designers if the page looks nice every two weeks and keep changing it until they're satisfied.
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