ITG2 r21-ready stepfiles by ShinerCCC

Files currently uploaded, and their difficulties:


Added two new files:
Restricted Area (11): Well, maybe it's almost a 12, it depends on whether or not you can handle a rather dense 16th stream at 138 bpm. The Bloodrush holds are easier than they look. Someone else is supposed to write a Hard chart for this soon.
Find Your Own Voice: The (11) is a messed up hand chart that follows the vocals. Also features a rather unique quad that is two rolls and two holds (you do the rolls with your hands :>)
A 15 is in there too...almost nonstop, relentless 16ths at 171 bpm for 5 minutes. Beware of Tell jumps, a few 24ths and lots of minijacks.
The "54" is a crappy spread chart I wrote for the song years ago. 54 stands for 5preadch 4rt, if you speak Leet.

Two files were changed:
Fatal Tragedy's singles charts were changed subtly, mostly in Hard. One of the double tapping patterns was changed to not use left twice in a row, and the quads at the end of Expert are present in Hard now as well. Now I can show people how to do the ending on Expert too...
Another (hopefully the last) update to The Odyssey. The 11 MB ogg is back, but it's 2 dB louder so you can hear it better on the ITG cabinet. The steps have been changed in all difficulties a little bit. Mines were added mostly to Medium and Expert to forewarn of upcoming hands, a note was subtracted from a drum fill in Medium and Hard, the last stream was made tougher on Expert (jumpstream omgggg) and the candles in the fast 16th runs on Expert were taken out. It's not like 14-level players can't deal with them but just that extra bit of difficulty can be enough to do you in after playing a song for 15 minutes...and no one wants that.

Also holy shit my Bonecrusher chart feels like a 13...wait, how should I know, I haven't passed one yet. Pandemonium Expert was close though...

I really need to release everything in another pack soon


There is now a v2 for The Dark Eternal Night. The solo is much easier and the rest of the file is too, I guess, maybe it's almost a 14. I got 33% on it which is unnatural for such a hard song, right?

Hard (10) and Novice (1) added for Infernoplex, original steps are included.
Hard (12) added for Bonecrusher, original steps are included. I might do something similar for Phantom.
New files as well: G Spot Tornado (11), kind of a good warmup because it's streamy but slow.
Fatal Tragedy (11/14). Scrubs keep trying to tell me the Hard is actually a 12 but they're so wrong because I got 89% on it. I don't score that well on streamy files or 12s. The Expert might be harder than Return of Salieri but the steps are similar. There's also a couples 12, the left side has all the half-double ish gimmicks.
WTF Easy has been fixed, there was a run where there should have been jumps near the end.
Looks like I forgot to upload this file earlier: Illumination of the Sky, 9/11/14. The 14 is kinda like Blue Army but with more jumps and faster, but much less stream. I'm not proud of this file because it follows the music fairly explicitly but it's not a good song for doing that sort of chart.


Hopefully the final update to The Odyssey. The contains a 4.22 MB ogg that sounds like it's being played over Skype but this means it will work on your regular, non-hacked r21 cabinet! The steps are also updated quite a bit as well; the sync is improved and there are more hints when mines and speed changes are coming up.

There is a new file uploaded now: WTF by T3h Shred Boiz. It is stupidly hard. In case you already have it, download it again anyway because it has been updated; Flaire fixed his steps and I made Medium easier by taking out the 24ths on those two beats when the guitar is playing in just the right channel (both times). 

The difficulties are 8/11/14/15/17. Novice has the added difficulty of being forced to play it on C120. Easy is sort of like Robotix or Xuxa, it's sort of a stamina song. Medium is a knockoff of Expert. Hard was written by Flaire, a top level stamina player; he has actually passed it with 80.80%. Expert is only there to answer the question, "What would this look like if it followed the music exclusively?". I slowed down the rate and yes, those are 32nds, not 24ths. Someone suggested I make the 32nds in Expert trills instead of scales that can be heeltoe'd or bracket stomped...I doubt that would be easier but feel free to edit the file yourself if you want to try that. ddrcrono is supposed to upload a video of me attempting Expert for laughs on YouTube but he takes a long time to upload things so I doubt it.

Dokudenpa has been fixed. I forgot to delete the 8 beats of nothing in Skor's steps. OOPS.

Another new file is an update to Flaire's Sakura Nightmare; I wrote an 11 footer for it. It feels kind of like the 13 but it's a lot easier. I also think it follow the music marginally better while still being easier. I got 81% on this so it's definitely an 11.

Soon I will be uploading easier steps for Infernoplex as well.


I updated The Odyssey. The contains a full-quality, variable bitrate MP3 and an updated .sm file that should have better sync and slightly different expert steps.

I also added this:

Merrill Does the Robot (or, Sweet World Long Version): 10

Comes with the video!

The "everything" zip file hasn't been updated yet so don't grab that just yet.


Powerpuff Gabberz by DJ Sharpnel: 13 (more difficulties may be added later)

Dokudenpa by DJ Sharpnel: 10, 14 (skor's steps included)

Gilgamesh (FFV Advance version): 12

More Dots (Onyxia Wipe): 9

One Winged HUT: 6, 9, 10, 11

Intro from Willow (NES): 3, 7, 10

Stage 5: Victim from Radiant Silvergun: 2, 6, 9

Leo! Leo! from Zone of the Enders 2: 5, 7, 11 (warning, it sucks)

Heart's On Fire from Rocky IV: 8, 11 (really easy 11)

The Odyssey by Symphony X: 9, 11, 14 (warning: 24 minutes long. you're on your own if you want a 5 MB ogg)

The Dark Eternal Night by Dream Theater: 8, 11, 15 (short version is only 1 minute shorter. I could make a mangled version 3:30 in length but that's the shortest I could possibly do)

Stream of Consciousness by Dream Theater: 11, 13 (only 11 for length. song is the 11 minute full version)

steps for songs I've made:

The Answer Lies Within (Dream Theater cover with godawful singing): 9

Stasis: 10

The Same Place: 15 (again, on your own for a <5 MB ogg. contact me on Groovestats and I can send you a wav or mp3)

Revival: 4*, 7, 10, 12 (*not really a 4 lol)

Infantile: 12

72nd Trimester Abortion: 7, 10, 13

You can download all of today's sims as everything_8-18-2008.rar . Consider this my first simfile pack, I guess ;)

Other ideas in the works:

Used by Pain of Salvation (arrrrgh song desyncs all over the place)

The Test that Stumped Them All by Dream Theater (I made two bad keyboard charts a looong time ago)

CRASH! (Let's Do It) by Hyadain (also perfect for r23 and unpatched r21 at 1:59). could get a video too

joke file for the credits music from Bible Black

doubles chart for Too Legit 2 Quit by MC Hammer

couples chart for a 3 minute cut of Fatal Tragedy by Dream Theater